Doing Laundry

Okay, so I hate doing laundry. Especially since it seems like it has to be done every other day. So when I do it, I tend to draw it out and it takes forever. It never fully gets done – there is always one more load that can be washed.

But this past week I got REALLY lazy. Because the dryer takes longer than the washer, the dryer wasn’t done when it was time to go to bed. So I let the wet clothes sit in the washer. But then in the morning I didn’t have time to move the dried clothes into a basket and move the wet clothes into the dryer, so they sat there for a full day. And then another day. And yes, sadly, then another.

And in my head, by the time I moved them to the dryer with a couple of Bounce sheets, I knew I should just rewash them – but I didn’t. I just dried them and started a new load in the washer. But when the dried clothes were done and folded – they kind of smelled musty. But did I rewash them? Nope! Still wore ’em.

Monday night I did a load of wash and once again left it in the washer overnight, but on Tuesday morning I went ahead and washed them again and then asked Denis to move them to the dryer when they were done being washed. No more musty smell coming from the Cootiehogs!

I have two more loads to do – white and reds. I’m home tonight and they are small loads, so I’ll probably be able to get that done before I go to bed for the night.


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