Doctor Appointment

Nothing like being lectured by the doctor. And I got lectured HARD. Apparently I should go see a doctor as soon as a sore throat starts, not when it gets bad. Because antibiotics work on ANY kind of sore throat, and wipe out ALL germs, not just the strep ones. So if I had gone to the doctor on Saturday afternoon I probably wouldn’t be choking on a cough every five minutes right now.

I filled the prescrip at CVS and immediately took my first dose. I’m to take a pill twice a day for five days. He said he’d call tomorrow to let me know if I have strep, but in his words, “You pretty much have every symptom that I can see.” Nice.

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  1. Dear Jaynee,

    I beg to differ ~ antibiotics work on bacteria not viruses. Sometimes the source of a sore throat is from a virus so an antibiotic would be pointless. Strep throat is from bacteria.

    With love,
    Nurse Marmie.:wave:

  2. Does the doctor know you are going on vacation? He may want to get your more/different meds.

    Marmie was right, but you still should go to the doc to see if it is viral or bateria caused sore throat.

  3. :wide-eyed:

    Wooosh. You poor thing. I come back from Vacation only to read that you weren’t feeling well the entire time. I do hope you are feeling better this morning. If I don’t speak with you, have loads and loads of fun on your vacation.

  4. Okay Doctor Dad and Nurse Mom. :sarcastic: I’m just quoting back what the doctor said to me. And according to the guy with the actual medical DEGREE, antibiotics will work on all of the various forms of strep (of which there are 7 varieties, in case you didn’t know).

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