Do We Smell? No Seriously, Do We?

We keep losing neighbors.

Neighbors behind us have changed twice in the almost three years that we’ve lived here. Neighbors next door recently moved and will be putting their house on the market shortly. Neighbors on the other side tried a FSBO last year but never sold and didn’t want to turn the house over to a realtor – but I have a feeling they’ll try again this spring. Neighbors across the street have been in a mere 5 months and are putting their house on the market. When I asked why, the mom was loathe to provide a reason (and I didn’t pry).

We’re starting to get a complex.

I mean, I know our lawn isn’t the nicest on the block, but at least it’s not BROWN (our crabgrass is nice and green and our dandelions a delightful bright yellow). But does that justify moving away?

In other news, if you are considering a move to SC – I know of two houses that are available with AWESOME neighbors.

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