Dirt is so…Dirty

So I took another shower. After cleaning house for a bit I went back out and shoveled more dirt into the pit. Got about 7/8ths of it done and had to quit. Came in and vacuumed the house. Then when Denis got home I made him change clothes and come finish moving the dirt. I replanted three asters, my chrysanthumum (sp), and an azalea bush. There are no flowers in the bed yet – I plan on doing that this week and over the weekend. Then I’ll post the before and after pictures of the whole project. But I’m quite proud of the work I did today. I especially enjoyed the two showers I took – that was a nice luxury.

So tonight I plan on lounging in front of the tv and probably falling asleep in an hour. Ah, a good Monday night. =)

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  1. i can’t wait to see the pictures! it sounds beautiful. there is something so satisfying about busting your ass and then being able to look at what you created.

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