Dinner with Rob and Tara

Here is a shot of two of our many loyal Cootiehog readers.

(See if you are loyal to cootiehog, you eventually get your pic on our site.)

They are our former neighbors in Kew Gardens, Queens. We have been living in NJ for a little over a year now and have been trying to get them out to visit us but no go. I think they are afraid once they see the place they are going to want to buy a home of their own out here, and we are trying to get them to do that. We met them for dinner in Woodside, Queens. If it looks like Tara has a few beers in her belly, it’s because she’s pregnant. Very pregnant. Her due date is August 16th. Fortunately, we were able to make it through the entire dinner without her water breaking. I don’t think I need to see something like that — ever. BTW, Jane wants to be pregnant by the end of this year. I think this pregnancy thing is catchy. Can’t they give shots to protect against this?

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  1. O.K. you could have put the other better picture on the hog and just told everyone that I am about to burst…they didn’t have to see it for themselves! Pregnancy is contagious…but remember summer babies equal hot uncomfy mommies to be!

  2. First off, I think you both look great in this shot. Secondly, how are we going to get people to stop over indulging in beer if we don’t show them the effects? Thirdly, How often are you going to be nine months pregnant in your life? The other picture will keep. Shout it out: “I’m due any day now and I’m proud of it!”

  3. First of all, it’s a great picture, but technically, I think with the baby included, it should be “three loyal Cootiehog readers”! 🙂

  4. Donna, I agree that Denis should have said three instead of two readers. After all, if the baby is already a Bruce Springstein fan from the womb, she can certainly be a Cootiehog fan as well!

  5. The baby is a SPRINGSTEEN fan not Springstein fan…a little typo there jaynee!!! She is of course already a a cootiehog fan because Mom is addicted…could be worse of all the things Mom could be addicted to cootiehog is probably the best for us both!!!

  6. Yes, baby makes three, but not three loyal readers. When the baby learns how to read, then we’ll include her. I’m sure she’s a Springsteen fan at least. And you don’t have to be able to read to like him. I like this photo. You’re pregnant and you shouldn’t have to hide it. I wish more of our readers were pregnant. That’s more Cootiehog readers in the future.

  7. Sweet Denis, I am pregnant and I couldn’t hide if I tried!!! Unless I get out that Homer Simpson costume!!! Truth be told I LOVE BEING PREGNANT!!! The bigger the better I couldn’t wait to be big and now I am and I will miss it when it’s gone…an odd form of empty nest syndrome! I will then be so jealous of Jaynee that I will have to have baby number 2 and then we will never EVER have the money to become your neighbors again!

  8. Tara, the second baby will actually be twins and you will have them modelling clothes and such in no time so you’ll be able to afford that house. Of course, you won’t be able to touch their money, but I’m sure you can find away around that.

  9. Denis, thank you for the kind words. I just wish that I didn’t look pregnant in the picture as well! Boy, I don’t photograph well from the passenger seat at all!

  10. Rob, you were obviously slumping so I could get a good shot of your wife, which made you look big. You have nothing to worry about. You lost a bunch of weight and Jane and I both think you look great. It’s good to see that Tara might weight more than you. *lol*

  11. Slumping eh? Well, again I thank you for the compliment, but it looks as though I have many a pound to lose before I am a friend of the camera!

  12. Easy people…I am big and loving it but let’s relax with the Tara weighs more than Rob talk!!! By the way this all could have been avoided had Denis gotten a picture of the women in the hat!

  13. I swore I wouldn’t get caught up in this cootiehog thing but here I am…Tara and Rob welcomed Grace Cara into the big ole world yesterday morning. I’m told she’s beuatiful and I just can’t help but believe it.

  14. Well, hello Big Sis (and now Grace’s auntie)! Welcome to Cootiehog – hope you stick around and give us some good stories on what Tara was like as a kid. =)

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