Didn’t Do a Thing

So you know that list of stuff I had to do last night? Didn’t do a thing. Well, I take that back – I did watch Buffy, and we did go to Costco to look at computers. We didn’t buy one, however, since our Costco didn’t have the one Denis wanted. So I think tonight we’re heading to Best Buy to see if they have it. This morning I put the final couple of paragraphs on my Buffy article and posted it.

But I didn’t hem the pants, I didn’t do NaNoWriMo, I didn’t make Noel’s cd (I forgot to add that to the list yesterday but that’s been on my list since Sunday night).

I think tonight we’re also heading to Home Depot to pick up a new rake (ours broke during a gardening frenzy two weekends ago). We’re also going to get the sliver of wood I need for the interior door I’m using as a headboard in our room. I’m hoping we can get that thing up on the wall by the end of the this weekend.

The weekend is gonna be packed with activity. Hanging the headboard, putting up outside Christmas lights, and picking out a stroller and car seat for the baby registry we’ve begun. Last year our neighbor Art laughed at us when he saw us putting up our Christmas lights last year. Then the day came for him to put up his and he’s out in 25 degree weather cursing our smart decision to hang lights in 50 degree weather.

And besides, this morning I saw the first sign of Christmas in New York: The camels that are part of Radio City Music Hall’s Christmas Spectacular. As I got to my office they were out front being taken on their morning walk.

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