Did’ja Miss Me?

Well, today was my first day of Adobe Illustrator training and may I just say that I LOVE Illustrator! I can’t wait for tomorrow’s class.

Tonight we had two couples from our church over for dinner. It was an “assignment” that our pastor gave the entire church, and it was a lot of fun to get to know these two couples a bit better (we’re still relatively new to the church so we don’t know most of the families on an intimate level).

Four more days ’til I’m off to California for the weekend. YIPPEE!!

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  1. Ugh – Yessss – Missing you dreadfully at the office ….. Keep your email browser open today pulease !!!!

  2. I’m learning illustrator in order to create charts and graphics for the brochures my company puts out every few months. We create them in Quark, and the best program for graphics in Quark is Illustrator. I use Photoshop as well, but mainly for the company website stuff.

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