Diamond Lawsuit Pays Off for Cooties

Not my diamond
Not my diamond
In 2008 I heard about a diamond class action lawsuit against DeBeers wherein people who had purchased diamonds during a certain number of years were eligible to receive a partial refund on the cost. I can’t remember the reason why the lawsuit was started (I think it had something to do with price-fixing), but since the diamond in my engagement ring qualified, I submitted a claim.

It subsequently went to court, then into the appeal process, and for more than a couple years nothing happened. Sometime in 2010 or so it went into a lengthy settlement process wherein they had to figure out just how much DeBeers would pay each plaintiff in the case. After a couple years of no updated information, I completely forgot about it. I kind of assumed that if we’d get anything, it would be something like $12.78 or some ridiculous amount like that.

But not so, for today we received a check in the mail for about $150! Not bad!

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  1. Hey!
    The Sullys got a big fat check too! I just opened the mail, thought it was garbage until I read closer …. You had told me to apply YEARS ago woman!!! $260.81 – will go nicely towards the renovations – bless your heart babe! Love u – xxx m

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