Denis Doesn’t Say: We Are Going To Be An Arbitron Family For A Week

I recently got a postcard from the Arbitron Ratings system. Those are the people who track what you listen to on the radio. I just called them up to confirm my receipt. They will be sending diaries (yes, one for Jane too) to our house soon. We have to keep them for a week. Unfortunately, it’s the week of Thanksgiving. The week for them begins on Thursday. The funny thing is I listen to about a half hour of radio (in the car) every week. But you didn’t hear any of this from me since I don’t post to Cootiehog anymore.

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  1. Really it’s a Nielsen house you want to be…but I have never heard of ANYONE being one of them…and nobody ever watches what I do according to the Nielsen ratings! (By the way new Grace pictures are being developed as we speak!)

  2. I like the new colors too.

    I was a Nielsen family about ten years ago. I don’t watch much TV but I put down all the shows I would like if I did watch TV.

    Whoo Hoo! New Grace pics. Can’t wait to see them. Bet she’s much bigger. Still looking like Rob, right?

  3. She is so big now…holding her head up for a while then it gives out and flops forward! But she is so vocal and eats oatmeal…soon she will be in college! Yes she still looks like Rob!!

  4. *lol* re: not posting anymore: You are such a jerk, Denis. *lol* It’s a good thing you are cute…

    Tara – can’t WAIT to see the photos!

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