Denis Doesn’t Say: Pie? You Want Pie?

Jaynee and I were supposed to have a pie bake-off last night. I have been unjustly accused of not supporting Cootiehog, and, now, not wanting to compete in the annual bake-off. Let me tell you this, only one of us baked a pumpkie pie from scratch last night, and it wasn’t Mrs. Cootie. I’m back in a big way!

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  1. The whole thing is just shocking. Jaynee didn’t bake a pie? The heck is this world coming to? Well, you were a good sport, Denis – unlike your wife (*ahem*) – and such a humble winner to boot (*coughs*).

  2. Jhames, never fear, I made my pie last night and have brought both pies into my office for the annual competition. Methinks I have a winner this year, despite not being able to make mine in my usual glass dish. I had to use one of those flimsy tin trays because we’ve misplaced two of our glass pieplates.

  3. And by “we misplaced” she pretty much means Jaynee. Unless her mom reorganized our kitchen and put them some place I don’t know.

    Let the games begin. Hope Jaynee can put the whipped cream around the edge of the pie, but I think she didn’t take a piping bag to work. I got a little fancy with mine — as usual. Good luck!

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