Denis Doesn’t Say: A Friend Sent This URL To Me

A friend at work sent me this URL along with this note:

“You might find this amusing… the japanese are quite wierd”


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  1. This is what happens when you banish me. I was waiting for you to say something like this. It’s true though. It’s Friday and I don’t feel like working.

  2. Did the link work for you? I hope so. It took a while at work to download the flash file, but it was well worth it. Very insane stuff. I think we should have a dumb links section on Cootiehog. Oh, yeah. I can’t put up sections on Cootie any more. *lol*

    Can’t wait to see those pics, Tara.

  3. Um…is that cartoon for Kikkoman soy sauce? Cuz that’s HILARIOUS.

    And Tara – we don’t have that much to do on the 29th. We both go to the doctor, and Denis takes pets to the vet while I stay home with the cleaning service. That’s manageable. =)

  4. Did that cat hang himself? That kind of thing would never pass muster in the US…too violent!

    Perplexingly funny…the Japanese are a bit weird.

  5. Cross reference: Mr. Sparkle episode of the Simpsons. Japanese strangeness is very well documented in said episode.

    By the way, cool new color scheme. Very autumnal. Suddenly I have an urge to put on my hiking boots and take a walk in the woods with a golden retriever. With all the Eddie Bauer-ness I can muster, of course šŸ˜‰

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