Delaying Our Drive

Denis and I originally planned to drive to NoVA tonight for the Easter weekend. But instead we’re going to get up at the crack’o tomorrow and make the drive. We just have too much to do tonight and we wouldn’t be on the road until 8 p.m. which means arriving at 2 a.m. That sounds exhausting.

So instead, tonight I will leisurely do my SC taxes for my business, take a drive over to our accountant to drop off our income tax paperwork, and then do some laundry so I have more clothing options than the stuff I was forced to pack this morning. Then after the kids get to bed we’ll pack up the van with everything so that tomorrow morning we literally can take showers, get dressed, get the kids up and dressed and hit the road. Our goal? To be on the road by 6:30 a.m.

Phew. That sounds exhausting too!!

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