Defamer – Could You BE Anymore Condescending?

I admit that I read online gossip rags. They are mostly written by Obamanians who salivate when given the chance to scorn anything remotely right of center. Normally I can abide by the snarky comments made here and there because a lot of their other snarky commentary is spot on, but today’s choice comments from Defamer have me contemplating removing them from my feedreader (not that they’d care, really, given the # of readers they have on a daily basis is more than I get in an entire year).

The story is about McCain hosting a dinner in Hollywood for the few Republicans who are supporting him in that town. The author of the post goes on to say:

McCain met this week with a veritable Who’s Who (no, seriously: who?) of Hollywood celebrities at the Beverly Hills Hilton in an attempt to solicit money from the group he hates the most.

My issue is not the bit about McCain hating Hollywood actors. No, my issue with the “no, seriously: who?” bit. Folks such as Robert Duvall, Jason Sehorn, and Gary Sinise were there (among others), and this Defamer writer acts as though they are nobodies. Robert Duvall, last I checked, is a highly respected actor. Jason Sehorn, last I checked, is a beloved football player. Gary Sinise? Also well-respected. Oh, and I suppose Clint Eastwood has never done acting/directing of any quality in the past 25 years or so? Cuz he supports McCain too – so he MUST be a washed-up hack of a guy. And yet apparently because these actors aren’t a Clooney or a Pitt they don’t deserve the same respect. It’s patently ridiculous.

And sure there are C- and D-listers who went to the McCain dinner (Stephen Baldwin, Jon Cryer, Patricia Heaton), but there are C- and D-listers who support Obama, too (I’m talking to you Mario Van Peebles and Jasmine Guy) and Hillary (hi, Lynda Carter and Caroline Rhea!). So I wouldn’t be so quick to judge, Defamer.

It’s maddening – the sheer arrogance of the some of the Left Coast Obama supporters (and their hangers-on) is galling and just as elitist as the presumptive nominee that they follow. Man I wish Hillary’s supporters would shake it up tonight and make their voices heard in the roll call tonight. I’m kinda rooting for her at this point.

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  1. I was having lunch with three democrats the other day and made two, count ’em, two references to the Dumocratic National Convention and not one of them got it.

  2. **Hangs his head low**

    Uncle Bill – Even reading it twice, I didn’t see the spelling and read it as Democratic. Guh! It took me 3 times before I caught it. However, If I had heard it, I would have snickered. You can bet your last dollar that come this weekend when I am with a mixed crowd of Democrats and Republicans, I will be using it. (with your permission of course).

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