Decent Weekend

Had a decent weekend. Attempted to drop off the 9 bags of clothes (not 11 as first thought) and couldn’t find the location I was looking for. I’ve opted to have Salvation Army come and pick them up instead. Using their value calculation chart on their website, we are donating about $700 worth of clothes. Not bad!

Watched two movies this weekend. “Miracle”, about the 1980 US Hockey team in the Lake Placid Olympics. I really enjoyed it. I love sports movies. The other movie was “Hometown Legend” (another sports movie). It was REALLY hokey and is best seen on tv for free.

Ace and Anthony came over on Saturday night after seeing houses with Denis. We played poker for a few hours (when we quit, A&A had all the chips). For the most part I think we are all prepared for our poker night party this coming Saturday.

Sunday was church and then a church bbq at our neighbors house. It was fun, and CootieGirl had a ball – at some point everyone was in the living room having a brief meeting about church stuff, and CootieGirl just kept walking back and forth between Denis and me. Back and forth, back and forth – she was loving it and has never walked that much. With any luck this will connect in her brain and she’ll begin practicing her solo walking a bit more instead of relying on her crawling.

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