Dead Pool

Not too late to enter our Celebrity Dead Pool. Check out the link in the right column. You are awarded points based on the age of the celebrity at death from one hundred. The first person to one hundred wins the game. No one has died in our pool yet, but when they do, you get to pick a new celebrity if you like. I am reposting this because I just read Fluid Pudding‘s post about the “dead” Louie Anderson. I thought he was dead too. Didn’t he host Family Feud? Aren’t all the host of that show dead?

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  1. I still think Louie is dead. Am I thinking of Chris Farley?! Is Richard Dawson dead?!?!

    I’m completely lost right now.

  2. Hey D & J:

    Congrats to you two.. or is it you three now.
    Or technically it really is 4, right???

    Maureen & I are finally kind of settling
    in our new house. Megan is starting
    kindergarten this fall. Thats all for now.

    Best always,
    Jim M.

  3. Ok. Put me in for Mickey Rooney, who I thought was already dead, but apparently is not. (But hopefully will be soon, right?! C’mon, Mickey! You can do it!) Sorry.

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