Day Two for Little D

Little CootieBoy is now two days old. Day two has been a lot like day one. Sleep, eat, poop. So far, so good.

Jaynee is doing well. She got out of bed and walked around a little. Hope she isn’t pushing herself. I know she wants to be home as early as she can. She’ll either be leaving the hospital on Saturday or Sunday. If she has her way, it will be Saturday. If you’re planning on coming out, get out soon.

We haven’t had much success getting CootieGirl to greet her new brother. I think she’s still in shock. “What do you mean I have to start sharing the limelight?” She’s also getting over a cold, so we don’t really want her getting too close to CootieBoyand sharing her germs with him.

Here is Marmie with the little man and the big girl.

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  1. That’s the best I could do so far with getting the sybs together. Maybe today I’ll get a good shot of the two. Wish CootieGirl was over her cold already.

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