Day Three

Day Three is going well. Mr. Russell took me out to lunch (nothing fancy – just the cafeteria downstairs) and we got to know each other a bit better. Then one of the founding partners of The Company came and sat with us – he’s a very nice gentleman, soft-spoken with a good sense of humor.

Mr. Sutherland is in the HQ office today, so things are a bit slower than they were yesterday.

I’ve got speakers hooked up on my machine and I’ve been listening to music all morning. Yay!

I got trained on the receptionist desk and mail room today – their phone system is infinitely more confusing than the one at my old job. It’s a digital phone line, and when you pick up the receiver the phone is answered. At my old job you had to actually press a button to activate the line for the call to be available. So needless to say this morning I accidently hung up on a couple callers because I pressed the button (which hangs up the call on The Company’s system).

My commute this morning was 45 minutes, but I felt like it should have been faster because there was significantly less traffic than the previous two days. I’ve been warned that once school is back in session the traffic will be much worse. And I just had a revelation – The Mall of Short Hills is a couple of exits away from my office, which means holiday shopping traffic might also affect my commute in November/December. Ah, the life of a true commuter!

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