day four: magic kingdom

So it’s official – CB loves rollercoasters more than life itself. We went on a kiddie rollercoaster early this morning and he was ecstatic and immediately wanted to ride it again. In the end he rode it four times – twice with his hands in the air the entire time. A boy after ny own heart! We rode a lot of rides today with the kids – small world, opeter pan, winnie the pooh, dumbo, the carousel, car race. We’ll be going back on friday for a few more hours to hit up the stuff we didn’t do. There was only one ride CB didn’t like and it wasn’t really a ride it was an “experience.”. It was the lilo and stitch ride which involved sitting in the dark for quite some time.

We were originally thinking of taking the kids back tonight to see the parade and fireworks but they are exhausted so we’ll probably take them on friday night if we can keep the day pretty short. We’ll see.

More tomorrow – we’re going to Hollywood Studios for the day.

Nighty night!

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  1. Cristan – yes, we did do that ride! CB liked that one too.

    Julie – to be honest we didn’t spend a lot of time in tomorrowland so I’m not sure.

  2. I rode the Carousel of Progress in November – it’s one of my all time favorites (as well as a nice place to rest and cool off)!

    cristans last blog post..

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