Day Five

So we’re up to Day Five of the South Beach Diet. FitDay says that yesterday I had about 1350 calories – 800 of which came from the giant steak I had for dinner last night. Yum.

I was telling Denis last night that according to FitDay my total calories needed to maintain my CURRENT weight is just under 3000 – that includes my BMR and my lifestyle level (which is sedentary with spurts of activity). So when you consider that 12,000 calories over four days is my previous “usual” total (since I had gotten to a point in February where I wasn’t losing, wasn’t gaining) and that this week I’ve had 4,730 then it stands to reason that I should lose 4.5 pounds in four days. 3,500 calories equals one pound. So the difference in calories so far this week equals just over 2 pounds, and the rest is obviously “water weight” because of the dramatic change in consumption.

Denis and I looked over the list of “approved” foods last night and I think I can really do this long term. Yes, I’m a sweets addict, but after the two weeks I’m allowed sweets like sugar-free chocolate pudding. And I told Denis that as far as the things I love that I’m absolutely NOT supposed to have (potatoes, carrots, cereal, pineapple) I’ll just treat myself to them. Instead of potatoes every night, I’ll have one a week. Carrots one night a week. Pineapple on rare occasions. Cereal only on Saturday mornings. That kind of thing.

Yeah, I’m all talk now, aren’t I? Feeling good after four days. *lol* We’ll see how I feel in four weeks or four months.

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  1. Dad is still doing WW and enjoys the fat-free or sugar-free chocolate pudding almost every night. The assorted WW chocolate ice cream treats are delish ~ but don’t know if you are allowed those on SB.

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