day five: hollywood studios

What a great day! CB’s newest favorite ride is the Star Wars ride that he rode twice today. While I liked the Aerosmith rollercoaster a lot my actual favorite was the Toy Story game/ride that we did just before leaving the park. Fun fun fun!!

We did a lot today and I also think it was our hottest day too becaause at some point I literally had sweat dripping into my eyes during a parade we were watching. We did a lot of kid stuff since they weren’t able to do much the first couple of days.

Tomorrow is a 7:00 am start because we’re taking CG to her princess makeover and then breakfast with the princesses themselves. Then we’ll only hang out for a couple hours because I want them to have a quiet afternoon since I’m hoping to take them to the fireworks tomorrow night as our last big thing before driving home on Saturday.

Nighty night!!

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