Dastardly David

I swore I would never do it. I swore that I’d ignore any potential invites that I got. Just on principal, because for a while there everyone and their brother was posting about “I have 50 gazillion invites, who wants ’em?”

But then my pal Ace emailed an invite. Dang it.

So I went ahead and signed up. I got a stupid gmail account. My name was (not surprisingly) taken, so I signed up as [removed] @ gmail . com. Because I am the original.

I may have this become my new Hotmail and just ignore the real Hotmail from now on as though it never existed because it’s all spam there anyway.

But after two days with Gmail I still haven’t used it, and still only have the “Welcome to Gmail” email in the inbox. No spam. That’s so nice.

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