Da Joisey Meetup

Okay, so a new date has been chosen for the New Jersey meetup that Katespot and Parkway Reststop Jim are coordinating.

Saturday, April 2nd is the appointed date, so put it on your calendars now!

The starting time has yet to be finalized (current thinking is sixish).

It will be held at the American Legion in Union, New Jersey.

The price ($30.00 per person) includes an open bar and a hot and cold buffet. All proceeds will benefit the American Legion.

Those interested in attending have two alternatives. You can send Jim an e-mail, and he will send you his snail mail address so that you can forward a check, or you can send KateSpot the money by PayPal.

The room has a limited capacity (something like fifty people), so get your money in early, lest you be left out in da cold.

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