Cufflinks For Every Occasion

Do guys wear cufflinks anymore? Other than on the prom night, on their wedding day, or when they are being brought into “the family” (you know what I mean, Tony Soprano), do a lot of men you know wear them? The ONLY men I’ve known that wear cufflinks with any regularity and big-money investment bankers that I worked for in New York City. The president of that company had his suits handmade and custom-fit by a tailor and traveled 90% of the time for business. And he always wore snazzy cufflinks. That’s the only type of man I really envision wearing cufflinks with any regularity.

Having said that, I suppose at some point it would be a nice gift for the man in your life – one single set of Modern Cufflinks that he could use for any formal occasion. I can see myself giving a set to my husband just before he walks our daughter down the aisle. Or even a nice set for my daughter’s future husband to wear on their wedding day. I can see myself giving them to my son just before his college graduation as a “token” of entering the business world (maybe a nice custom set with his initials on them).

So I suppose guys can still wear cufflinks nowadays. Not just investment bankers.

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  1. When I wore a suit and tie to work I wore French cuffs and cuff links all the time. Especially these:

    $30.00 may seem a lot, but you get three pair for the price. The least expensive are often the classiest.

    And oh yes, keep them in a large brandy snifter on your dresser.

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