Crime and Punishment

My kids are good kids, for the most part. Their “crimes” in the house typically have to do with them not getting along – they’ll quibble to the point of hitting each other, or get really whiny if they don’t get their way. Punishment usually involves an explanation as to why they are being punished, what the correct action would have been, and either a spanking or being sent to their room. Yes, I think spanking is appropriate in the right context.

I also think it’s appropriate to let my kids express their frustration over being punished. It’s only fair. They hate being punished (who doesn’t?). So I am okay with them slamming their bedroom doors when they get sent upstairs, for instance. One thing that CootieBoy does is write notes on the chalkboard that sits outside his bedroom. When I punish him he’ll occasionally go upstairs and write “Mama is mean,” or something to that effect. When I come upstairs to release him from his room I reiterate why he was punished and that I’m not mean, I’m teaching him self-discipline. But he still writes his notes, and I’m okay with that.

Last night he was sent to his room after throwing a mild temper tantrum upon arriving home from his after-school program. Upon releasing him from his room he showed me a note. That he had written to Santa.

This one is SO getting saved for posterity.

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  1. I love that your keeping the notes. Just like Marmie kept our notes. Save them for the wedding rehearsal album. His bride will love that.

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