Counting Them All

It’s hard to count calories when you order some random thing from a menu. But I’ll do the best I can. According to eDiets I need to consume only 1500 calories a day and exercise 3 hours a week. If I do that, then I should meet my goal of losing 50 pounds by the end December 2005 with little problem.

Yesterday I ate 1,789 calories, according to my nutrition tracker at Sure, that’s more than I’m supposed to have, but it’s much less than I’ve been normally consuming (I know this because I know what food has been going into my mouth). That 1,789 even includes the two cookies I had yesterday at home (I made these awesome cookies from dark chocolate brownie mix).

Today I’ve had about 850 calories – mainly because I got a chicken caesar salad for lunch and I know for a fact that the dressing they use is regular ranch dressing, not low cal in any way. The dressing alone was probably about 200 calories (yikes!). I’ll have to bring in my own bottle of fat-free ranch dressing for my Wednesday salads.

Tonight will be rough because Denis made pasta shells for dinner and they are scrumptious and I know I’ll eat a lot of them. I’ll make myself feel better, though, by attempting to get up just 20 minutes earlier than normal so that I can try my new Pilates workout tape that I got a few weeks ago.

Also, Fat Tuesday is coming up – which means LENT is coming up, and I’m planning on giving up all forms of chocolate for the Lent season. I did it a couple years ago with no problem and think I can do it again. As long as Denis doesn’t buy me any chocolate for V. Day in a couple weeks.

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  1. Dad and I are doing WW. I love counting points rather than calories. He gets 24; I only get 18 ~ that’s not many points, people. You and Dad should have a pool as he want to meet his goal by Dec. also.

  2. I may end up going back to WW if only because eDiets makes you pay extra for a fitness log, whereas it’s free with WW. But I have to be with eDiets for 90 days or else they charge me a $25 cancellation fee. So I’ll continue to log calories until April 1 and then quit and rejoin WW.

  3. $25 cancellation fee. How much is their monthly fee? How much does it cost to join WW online? Sounds like if you aren’t happy with the first one, you should cancell and join WW. You do the math. How many points was each stuffed shell? We each had six. Yikes! But they were yummy. Particularly the shrimp and lobster ones. Ummmmm…

  4. At work, I will quit all the snacks that they offer us at “The Company”, along with you. Would that help?
    Plus we can start doing our two (or 4) bottles of water a day together if you want also liek we used to do? Until you started ehading to the loo every 2.5 minutes *lol*!

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