Could We Be ANY More Domestic?

Last night at some point I was ironing shirts and Denis was making apple pie in the kitchen. The dog was sleeping on the couch and the cats were upstairs napping. Could we be ANY more domestic? The sprinklers were going full-force outside, trying to resuscitate our slightly-brown lawn. All we needed was for Denis to be wearing an apron saying “Kiss the Cook” and for the dog to be named Spot instead of Cooper. Then it would have been total American Suburban Bliss.

So I watched American Idol last night and was fascinated by the clips I saw of the singing (which, as you know, I missed the night before). My sister is mailing me the tape of the performances so I can judge for myself. And now that they tagged off Jim and EJ, there’s only AJ to get rid of and then the pack is pretty decent. Justin is SO gonna win it’s not even funny. I only had to hear the audience reaction to him to know that much. He’s already a star and will land a contract whether he wins this show or not (which he will).

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  1. I don’t even watch the show and I can tell you that that guy Justin is going to win. In fact, I’d be very surprised if someone hasn’t already signed him to a big record contract. Not sure what the contest allows.

  2. Justin is definitely coming out of that contest with a record contract. If he doesn’t win, Simon and Randy will be fighting over him…not to mention any other producers who’ve been watching. He’s amazing!

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