1. You have now achieved news-provider status! I missed the entertainment shows last night, didn’t turn on the radio this morning, and learned of Corey’s boot on your blog!

    I agree with you, it’s a sucky way for him to go, but let’s count our blessings, we won’t have to watch one more bad outfit or one more sucky song.

    I just wonder how come Trenyce’s criminal past was overlooked…

  2. I was interested in seeing that you don’t write so much at the moment.

    I’m the chap who moves the boxes from one end of the room to the other for Cleophas; sometimes they can be really big heavy cartons full of heavyweight freshnjuicy editorial sheets and folders he’s written.

    My back’s not what it woz you see… and I, I, I… woz wondering as a fellow Blog industry person whether you have any need for an experienced carton box carrier specialising in blogs? Preferably much smaller + lighter boxes travelling across smaller rooms.


    Someone’s just told me ! It’s April the 1st.

  3. Trenyce actually divulged her record in the audition process, so her transgression was reviewed and okayed.

    Corey, however, did NOT put anything about his prior arrests on his application for AI2, which AI2 does not take kindly too, thus the boot.

  4. Thank goodness. Listening to that buy sing made me want to scream! Ug!

    I wonder if they’ll bring back someone else from the previous round to fill in?

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