Cootiegirl: The Undecided Voter

Each day over the past few weeks, CootieGirl has picked a different Presidential candidate as her choice. If she likes Daddy more than Mommy one day, she shows her solidarity by declaring Barack Obama as her choice. Last night she liked me best, and proudly announced John McCain was her pick.

“Why?” asked Denis.

“Because he’s old,” she replied matter-of-factly.

Needless to say Denis and I both laughed. Then I said, “And in this case “old” means “experienced,” which is a GOOD thing.”

I then went on to stress to the point of how great it was that Daddy and Mommy had the privilege of the ability to vote for whoever we wanted – even if we disagreed with one another. I told her that’s what was so great about living in our country and that she should never forget that.

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