Continuing My Credit Climb

Sometime in 2008 I had a credit check done and found out I was up to a credit score of 767. I was pretty proud of that at the time, considering how low I had been in the mid-1990s when I was at my peak of a party lifestyle (500s, easy).

Here we are heading into the end of 2011 I found out on Friday that my credit score has gone up again – to 797. My new goal for 2012? Break into the 800s. I hopeful that if I’m able to maintain being debt-free with my credit cards that I’ll be able to reach that goal with no problem.

The great news about having such a high credit score (Denis’s score is currently at an even 800) is that we’ll no doubt qualify for fantastic mortgage rates when we build our house. And that’s enough incentive right there to continue living debt-free!!

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