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So today’s mission was to start an “About Us” page so that you can learn more about us (if you didn’t know enough already). The page is half complete!. Denis still needs to add his stuff to it, but at least it’s a start, right?

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  1. ha-ha! Another duster owner! I inherited mine (bronze, 1974) from my grandmother when she passed away in, oh, 1981 I guess. I kept it until it died a long, drawn out death while I was in college in 1988. It was a P.O.S., but had the stovebolt-reliable slant-6 and was slow and predictable enough that I couldn’t kill myself in it.

  2. I loved mine for the steering – it was so sensitive I could just look at the steering wheel and it would turn where I wanted it to go. Mine was a pile too, left me stranded too many times to count, but I loved it, rust spots and all.

  3. i loved reading about you both. you guys are so cute. jaynee, you are beautiful. i have lots of fake boyfriends too, hehe.

    what a great page.

  4. *blushes* Aw, fanks!

    And am I the only one who noticed that Denis mispelled “Calculus” in the same entry he spoke about becoming an ENGLISH major? I guess spelling isn’t important in college.

  5. I’m a writer, not a speller. That’s why they have spell check. Just didn’t do it for this document. I’m checking everything now, Miss Smartiepants.

  6. Looks like the woman who’s writing a novel found new spellings for hobby (hobbie) and arachnophobia (arachniphobia). Don’t throw stones, my friend. You might hit yourself on the head.

  7. Well, if you’re not an English major, maybe you shouldn’t be trying to write that novel. And I’m surprised they let someone with such obvious inferior spelling skills work as a word processor and secretary. *lol*

  8. I have a few comments as the sister (-in-law):

    Jaynee definitely married up. =)

    I was not aware that Jaynee failed so many classes in HS. That must have been when I was already in college.

    I love to laugh *near* Jaynee. *get it?*

    One correction: Pretzel inherited BaBa when we moved from Oak Harbor to England. The UK has the strictest vaccination regs for pets…the pup was too young to leave him in quarantine for so long. That’s why we got Bucc and Jock when we lived in England. Remember?

  9. I’m just still so traumatized about losing BaBa that I can’t think straight. =)

    And yes, the failures in high school occurred after you left for college…no wait! Geometry was my sophomore year, so you were around for that one. Chemistry was during my junior and senior years.

  10. I do remember the geometry failure now that you’ve put a time frame on it…that’s the same year I almost failed chemistry.

  11. Jen, are you implying that I married into a family of losers? I don’t think so. Our dog is a little dumb at times, but he married into our family, not the other way around.

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