Conscientious Shopping

If you are anything like me (at least, the new me), you are really careful about how you spend your dollars. I can’t tell you how many times since I went cash-only that I opted NOT to buy something since I didn’t have the cash. It has been eye-opening. For instance, our netflix account has been on hold since November because we just weren’t renting a lot of movies. But we’ve been able to find an alternative for when we DO want to rent movies – and it’s usually free with whatever code we find.

So I like to comparison shop in order to find the best prices. I am no stranger to doing a global search and going with the best price/shipping deal that I can find. I’m also a big fan of any shopping search website that has merchant reviews so I know whether to trust the deal that I’ve found. I’ve been very fortunate to have had only good experiences thus far. Sites like are invaluable in that sense. is cool because they also offer coupons – something not a lot of shopping search engines offer. Right now they have a Collections Etc Coupon which is perfect for gift-giving (as I’ll be doing in the near future what with THREE friends giving birth in the next three months).

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