Condi Rice

You know what I love about Condi Rice right now? That all those old-timers are reading from notes – reading self-righteous speeches and wasting our time before getting to their ridiculous questions.

And Condi is speaking sans notes, off the top of her head, and sounds much more intelligent than her questioners because she gets to the point, MAKES her point as she answers their questions, and then says thank you.


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  1. While she was impressive in some of her answers, often she didn’t get right to the point. Many answers were repetitive, went on for quite awhile about other issues not directly pertaining to the question,and didn’t get to what the questioner was asking.

    Best example is the question of whether or not she would support the release of the August 9th memo. She just flat out refused to answer that question even though it was asked several times.

    So to say that she gets to the point,… well, that’s just not true in every case.

  2. I didn’t see any of her testimony, but all I can say is she must have been well rehearsed. She had an extra two weeks to do so. If I can quote Ed about her testimony:

    “She’s got her talking points down cold and probably believes every word she says. There’s a simple question no on has asked — “Did you do everything in your power to prevent September 11?” Of course, I’d still like to know why we gave the Taliban millions of dollars in 2001. And I’d still like to know how the war on terrorism became the war on Iraq. And how people can like a President who has been wrong about everything.”


  3. Denis, Condi writes the talking points. And yes, she believes what she’s saying – she’s speaking the truth. Honestly, without having hard intelligence that said an attack was going to occur on 9/11 and that airplanes would be involved, I don’t believe there was any way anyone could prevent it. It was an outside the box sort of attack that no one expected to happen here in the US. As Rice said, their focus was on US interests outside of the our own borders because that’s where we had been attacked prior to 9/11.

  4. I see Rice and I think Omarosa. Is it me? I was just passing Ed’s comments along. I didn’t see her speak. I’m reserving judgement, but knowing she’s a politician, I’d have to guess she’s lying.

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