Completely Forgot!

I haven’t mentioned this, but my 35th birthday is on Sunday. Truthfully, I haven’t thought much about it, what with my daughter learning how to walk (yay!), my husband having a new career that seems to be picking up (yay!), a seven-month-old unborn child kicking my pelvic bone all day, every day (boo!), and my own job being really really busy the past few weeks (double boo!).

But yesterday I got home and there was a package from – I knew I hadn’t ordered anything, and when I saw “Jaynee” instead of my actual name on the box I knew someone had ordered something from my wish list.


I couldn’t wait. I could have waited, but I just couldn’t. And lo and behold, shiver me timbers, I was shocked when I opened it and found that my own sister had actually given in and bought me the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Season Six” dvds! WOO HOOO!!! One more season to go and I’ll have the whole set.

This is amazing because my sister despises Buffy and thinks I’m obsessed. So the fact she indulged the obsession spoke volumes. I can’t believe it and THANK YOU JEN!!!

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  1. Jaynee, did you get the chance to make a reservation for your Tuesday night birthday dinner yet? *lol* If not, let me know and I’ll make it. Thanks.

  2. Thanks. Are we inviting A and A? It can be just you and me. Just checking. I’m not even sure they can make it Tuesday night.

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