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Maybe we won’t need to buy groceries in NC after all. We’ve now confirmed dinner with N/B, C/D, M/H each on different nights during our trip. I’ve also confirmed lunch AND a play with M/A and their son on another day. So now I’m just waiting on Kirby to get back to me and that will mean that only Wednesday night dinner needs to be covered in some way.

And who knew that Biltmore Estate in Asheville was so frickin’ expensive? Because of it’s expense ($42 per person) I’m holding one day of our vacation to be solely dedicated to Biltmore Estate. There is a lot to do there, so it’ll be worth it, but still – I didn’t think you’d have to pay that much just to get in the doors. Anyone know of any Biltmore Estate coupons out there? Would love to get my hands on some if they are available.

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  1. You want to save $42 and go by yourself? *lol* No, I’ll go and get every pennies worth out of this mansion trip. We don’t have to win the lottery to be millionaires, just charge people $42 to see the inside of our home and before you know it, we will be millionaires.

  2. You need to be aware that your $42 only covers the cost of part of the tour. To see other parts, roof and attics or the basement, you have to fork out more money. The gardens may be additional also. We didn’t budget enough — the $42 tour is beautiful, but it was frustrating not to know the whole cost beforehand.

  3. Jennifer – I know that there are additional costs – that’s why I’m complaining about the initial $42 just to get in the door…:cry:

  4. You may want to investigate what that $42 tour includes. One of my coworkers went there recently and she came back disappointed because there are several tours for different parts of the house. They had budgeted a certain amount of money and she said although the tour they took for $42 was wonderful, she was afraid she had missed out on things by not taking the other tours. We are close enough that she can go back someday and have something new to see — but I wanted to give you heads up! I hope you have a wonderful time. I love living in North Carolina!

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