Cold Cuts Suck

Okay, so my office supplies lunch for employees every day of the week – it’s a nice perk that saves us a LOT of money since NYC prices are steep. Mondays are typically either pasta or chicken/rice days. Tuesday is cold cut day. Wednesday we order in from a specific restaurant and get individual entrees. Thursdays is Chinese food day, and Friday is pizza day.

So today is Thursday. It’s a fun day foodwise, since most people like the Chinese food we have brought in (although a few people have gastrointestinal problems with it). But if you recall from my post earlier today, it’s also the day of the Head Honcho meeting.

So the headest honcho comes out of the conference room and tells our receptionist to order cold cuts instead of Chinese. “You mean for the folks in the meeting, right?” she asks. He says no, “for everyone – the whole office.”

Now see, here’s the problem. The ONLY person – yes, ONLY PERSON – that likes cold cuts in THIS ENTIRE COMPANY is the headest honcho. Who is hardly ever here. Even on our regular cold cut day.

Needless to say the collective howl of protest was heard all around the office as soon as Headest Honcho went back into the conference room. When the food was delivered Mare-Bear and I promptly went downstairs and had lunch, and I know many of the other folks stranded here also went downstairs. What does that mean? Hardly any of the cold cuts were touched because even the other head honchos hate cold cut day.

But Headest Honcho rules, I guess.

So what did I have for lunch? Chinese.

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  1. I had some starburts for lunch… Chinese does sound like a great idea for dinner though.


  2. *doh* Anthony and I had a disagreement about dinner last night, so I didn’t get any. *lol* Unless you count that Heathly Choice Popsycle.

    **bats eyelashes**

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