Coalition of the Unwilling

Here is a link to a good article on why Russia, France and Germany don’t want war in Iraq. I knew it had something to do with oil, but I didn’t know the details. This is a good easy-to-read article on what’s up with them. Coalition of the Unwilling

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  1. Of course, I posted this. I’m pro-U.S. no matter how lame a president we have in office. A stand behind the guy in charge.

    I just don’t know why the U.S. doesn’t put out this argument to at least the American public on why these three countries are basically backing Iraq. They are quick to accuse us of being oil hungry, but they are the ones who will lose billions in loans and privileged oil contracts if there is a war. Of course, they want to stop us from routing out terrorism wherever we find it.

    Sean Penn is my personal human shield.

  2. 😆

    I only watch Fox News Channel, which is putting this info out there. So tell me why the other news channels are not? Huh?

    I pick George Clooney to be my human shield – he’s better looking than Sean Penn and little more fun-loving. *smirk*

  3. I’m sure you don’t really want George to perish. We can share Sean.

    I only watch about five minutes of local news and the first ten minutes of the Today show in the morning these days. All I want to say is war is all about money. And as far as money goes, someone else has it, and I’m not getting any. Who needs money when you have friends?

  4. True, I don’t want George to perish. Thanks for sharing Sean.

    Usually war is about money and the war in Iraq does have that element in the oil thing. But really, this one is not about oil or money – it’s about removing a brutal dictator from power, liberating an oppressed people, and destroying any illegal weapons Hussein has to reduce the threat to his neighboring countries (and ultimately us – do you think he wouldn’t sell any weapons to terrorists if he had the chance?). This should have been done 12 years ago…

  5. I don’t find discussing politics interesting. I’m dropping out of this loop. Let’s agree to disagree. All I’m saying is give peace a chance.

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