CNN To Air Story Again!

I just got an email from Kate, a woman at CNN who works on another program, and she said the following:


I wanted to let you know that Candy Crowley’s story on blogging will run again this weekend, on our sci/tech program, NEXT@CNN. Unless it’s preempted by breaking news (which happens fairly often), it will air at 3 pm eastern on Saturday, 2 am eastern time Saturday night/Sunday morning, and 5 pm eastern on Sunday.

I’m not sure at this point what we will have about the story on our show website, but if you’d like to check it out (new material will be up on Friday afternoon or Saturday), it’s


So if you missed it the last time, you have three chances this weekend to catch it again!

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  1. Hi…I’m new to the board. I first saw the program this week. She mentions and shows the reference (, and tells how another boardmember began her own blog.

    Snow? Ug…I remember that. We just moved in January from Maryland to Arizona because I just could not take the bad weather any longer. For me days of clouds, rain, and snow got way too depressing. I’m still a bit homesick and miss my son terribly (he remained in Maryland), but the sunny days help.

    Warmly ~ Dr. Mary

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