CNN Story Must Have Aired?

The CNN Story must have just re-aired because I was sound asleep and all of a sudden my cellphone started going crazy. I have my blog set up to email my phone whenever someone comments. My phone got 10 comments in a row, which usually means spam.

However, in this case out of the 10 comments only one was actual spam and has been summarily deleted. Even though it’s 3:32 a.m. I’ll stay up a bit to keep an eye on things…


Updated: I think the story did air based on comments over at KateSpot, but my commenters actually came from a different source, upon surfing around a bit. So I’m off to bed and will deal with trolls/inevitable spam in the morning. The REAL morning, that is – as in “after the sun has come up” morning.

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  1. well I just want to know if talking to people on here has helped you in today’s world. If you can talk to somebody who is not in your everyday circle of people I think it gives a different flavor to your life.

  2. Edward – it was working at least 20 minutes ago because I just visited her site this morning! Try clicking in a couple minutes and see if it comes back up.

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