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Just as KateSpot posted a couple days ago, so do I. Yes, folks, CNN is at my house even as we speak, filming me and mine and asking questions about the world of blogging.

It’s still amazing to think that out of the millions of blogs in the world, Sasha, the CNN producer, chose KateSpot and me. What’s even cooler? Since I bought my girl scout cookies from Kate, she was able to just hand the case of cookies over to Sasha, who kindly brought them to my house this morning!! Talk about instant shipping! =)

From what I’ve been told, this story will air on Friday night during the 10 p.m. hour. I believe a specific show is on then, so it’ll be part of that show (I can’t think of the title right now). Sasha got a kick out of the fact that the number one search that brings people to Cootiehog is a search about CNN’s own anchor, Anderson Cooper. Yep, folks, even though I haven’t talked about him in a LONG time, he’s still the number one reason why people come to Cootiehog.

The second reason is American Idol. The third reason is my pregnancy diary from when I was pregnant with CootieGirl. Lastly, the fourth big reason is the Happy Bunny cartoon stuff that is so popular right now.

But in any case, they are here, doing their thing, and so I sit here at my computer doing my own thing. Blogging. For you. It’s a big sacrifice I make, to come up with the mass amounts of mundane things to blog about!

But I thank you for coming here, and for helping me – because without my kindly visitors I think I’d lose the motivation to blog. But by having people come and comment it keeps me going and helps me continue being interested in blogging in the first place.

So now I think I’ll wrap up this entry and see what my little Cootiepie and the Infant Son are doing at the moment. It’s gone strangely quiet downstairs and I wonder what they are doing down there.

Oh, I think I hear Vivaldi down there, which means they are probably watching the new “Baby Einstein” DVD that we bought recently. This one has to do with the four seasons. It’s not nearly as interesting as the other DVD we have from the series, but CootieBoy seems to be okay with it for now. The minute the music starts he becomes enthralled and can’t take his eyes off the screen. He loves him some Baby Einstein crack! Although he’s branching out and now sometimes he’s willing to watch “Bear in Big Blue House” or “Oswald” (Denis hates Oswald and claims “it’s a bit weird, isn’t it?” But I like it, and so does CootieBoy, which is all that matters.

That reminds me – the show he actually now likes a lot is Play with me Sesame, which is a much shorter version of Sesame Street. It doesn’t have all the characters -only a few, but he lvoes it. In particular he ALWAYS smiles when Grover comes on the screen. CootieGirl likes Ernie and Bert. There’s also al ittle girl named Prairie Dawn that sings, which CootieBoy likes. It’s a pity they don’t show a wider variety of episodes though because they seem to reair the same ones over and over and I know they’ll get bored of seeing the same ones time and time again. Or maybe they won’t – they are pretty young, after all. They like watching things over and over again. Like “Finding Nemo” – I think CootieGirl would watch that everyday for the rest of her life if I’d let her. But I won’t. Much as I love “Finding Nemo” I think I’d go insane if I had to watch it every single day for the rest of my life!

She’s coming up the stairs – I can hear her making her way. She’s gotten really good with the stairs – she scrambles up and down and uses the banister, which is comforting – for time

Oops! They’ve told me to stop! How did you like my constant stream-of-conscienceness (sp?). It’s no Ron Kovic, but it’s close. Not nearly as many profanities.

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  1. Aren’t they SO nice?? Sasha is sweet and I am so glad she was able to bring your GS cookies to you too! {{{hugs}}} I can’t wait to meet you this Friday night AND at the blogmeet!

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  3. Congrats, that’s exciting! Personally, I come here to see what new house you may have found to buy every time the lottery is high 😉

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  5. I have never blogged before. I think I should start. Does it make you feel better to get everything out?

    Do you know of anyone that is interested in wellness products?

  6. No spam, please Amy (with regard to the wellness products).

    Blogging is fun – I recommend it if you are truly interested in it.

  7. Shoot, I missed the broadcast. Do you know if it exists anywhere online?

    Btw, as this is my first time here, is that REALLY a picture of you and your family in the heading?

  8. Dan, the story does NOT appear online, but is re-airing this weekend (including Easter Sunday at 5 p.m.).

    And no, that’s not my family in the heading picture – although it would be funny if it were!

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