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So my house isn’t spotless – it never has been, and never will be. My mom and I got into a tiff about it when they were visiting a few weeks ago for CootieBoy’s birthday. She claimed my house was dirty, to which I responded, “This is clean – you should have seen it two days ago.”

Now, to be honest, my mom is a neat freak. Her house is perpetually like a model home. NO CLUTTER ANYWHERE. It’s kind of freaky, really. So while my house is considered a dump to her (yes, Mom, I know I’m exaggerating. Sort of.), to other people it’s actually pretty reasonable considering I have two toddlers, four cats and a dog.

This weekend Denis found a stack of mail that got moved from the dining room table when my family was visiting. That was over three weeks ago. In the stack? A Netflix movie I thought we never received, my prescription card for my new healthcare coverage, and a notice from GEICO saying my car insurance would be cancelled if we didn’t get our cars inspected by September 10. When did we read this letter? September 11.

I called in a panic and the GEICO rep told me that if I could do the inspections early this week my insurance wouldn’t get cancelled. “It’s a good thing you call on a Sunday,” she said, “We generally cancel policies on Mondays that were originally slated for weekend times, so if you hadn’t called today you WOULD have been cancelled.”

Oh, and I also found a Columbia House card that I never mailed back – wonder what movie I’m involuntarily getting in the mail sometime soon?

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