Clean Pants Never Felt So Good

So this morning I’m getting ready for work and realize that because I didn’t wash the rest of the laundry last night I have no pants to wear. 99% of my pants are darks, which all still need to be washed. I did lights a couple nights ago and wore my ONLY pair of light colored maternity pants yesterday.

So I’m digging around my drawers and closet as the time ticks forward on the clock, and find a pair of maternity pants that I had dry-cleaned last week. I put them on and found them to be…a little tight. Not tight as in “I’m a fat @ss”, but tight as in the material is NOT cotton and stretchy. Tight as in “these pants should STRETCH around the belly, not SCRUNCH IT IN TIGHT LIKE A CORSET. These pants came as part of a set that I bought during my last pregnancy – now I know why I can’t remember ever wearing these particularly pants.

But I’m committed now. I’m here at my desk, scrunching in The Bean whether he wants it or not (and judging from the punches, he does not).

Tonight’s sole mission: FINISH THE LAUNDRY.

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  1. I’m working on the laundry right now. Hopefully, it will be done by the time you get home. Sorry to hear about the belly and the bean.

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    Ranking in 2003:

    Colin – 89
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    CootieBoy – 548
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    Gardner – Not in the top 1000
    Lincoln – 553
    Logan – 29
    Matthias – Not in the top 1000
    Morgan – 364
    Owen – 72

    How about these names? (I’m not saying I want any one of them, I’m just throwing them out there for discussion.)

    Vaughn – 809
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    Other interesting names that came up for boys:
    Baby – 767
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    Joey (496), Chandler (263), Ross (587)
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    Cooper (Our dog’s name) – 170

  2. This name discussion thread has been moved to a separate post at – feel free to comment there, not on this comment thread.