Clark in 2004

I’m watching Wesley Clark speak at the Florida Democratic Convention on C-Span, right now. (Nothing but college sports on the regular stations.) What more can I say. Clark in 2004. No more Bush. Mark my words. We need a president in office that was actually voted into office by the American public as opposed to placed there by his brother. It’s time for a change. Can we recall Bush like Gray Davis in California? Okay, I’m stepping off the soap box. Time to take another CootieGirl picture. *lol*

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  1. You know what they say: regime change starts at home.

    Right now I’d be willing to back Al Sharpton if it meant no more Bush.

  2. I met General Clark at a NATO function at Fort Myer 4 years ago. Very impressive. I don’t give him much chance to get the nomination, but he’d be a strong choice for VP.

  3. Dennis, Dennis, Dennis. Please go talk to Jen.

    Clark has about as much chance of winning the Presidency (much less the Democratic nomination) as that crazy (but remarkably attractive and charming) dark horse candidate, nikita demosthenes.

    Clark was a pro-Bush Republican until he realized the Bushies couldn’t care less about him. Clark was at a Lincoln Day Dinner praising Bush not that long ago.

    Beware of a politician that will change party affiliation on a dime just for his/her own self-promotion. This is what Clark has done.

    Does he care about foreign policy or domestic issues? Maybe. When he has some extra time. But mainly he just cares about one thing: Wesley Clark.

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