Yesterday we visited our third church in the area. This one was actually a bit of a hike since it was about 18 miles away. It was about a 30 minute drive to get there since there was no straight-shot way to get there.

The church itself meets in a school gym right now, but they are planning on starting construction of a church building in November of this year. Upon arriving we were greeted and someone walked us to the opposite end of the school where the nursery was. CootieGirl and CootieBoy did NOT want to be left behind and basically clung to our legs in fear. Denis made a quick escape but it took the workers a while to convince the kids to let go and just enjoy themselves.

We got into the service about five minutes late but still enjoyed ourselves. Once again the music was well done (Denis noted they didn’t have a keyboardist and I noted that they had REVERB (which our NJ church really needs to invest in)!). We didn’t know the songs they sang, but they were still good songs. The preacher was a very down-home kind of guy. He sat on a low stool on a lowered stage and had a good message. I’d say there were about 100 people there all total – the perfect amount in our eyes.

The kids ended up having fun – when we picked them up from nursery they were all smiles and told tales of playing well with others. They both earned stickers for the day, which made them very happy.

On the way home we calculated that it would only be a 15 minute drive from the house we’re buying. The drive would be even shorter if their church building is on the southeast side of the town it’s in, so we’re definitely going to think about going back.

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