Church Weekend

This weekend has been set aside by my church as a weekend to go away as a body and spend time together at a camping resort in western NJ. There is no preaching – we just get together to sing, share and pray during a few “sessions” and then the rest of the time is free time to swim, fish, sleep, read a book, talk, etc. We didn’t go last year because I had given birth to CootieBoy a couple of days prior and was still in hospital.

This year I’m in the band and so I’m pretty much *required* to go, but I had planned out the weekend and was set. I’m driving out there for tonight’s music session and Denis is home with the kids. Then tomorrow morning we were going to drive TWO CARS out to the campgrounds and participate in the morning music session. I was going to stay for lunch and some pool time for CootieGirl and CootieBoy, then take the kids home for the rest of the evening while Denis stayed to participate in the church softball game and bonfire. Then he’d come home and we’d all drive back Sunday morning for the morning music session and then drive back home after one last dip in the pool.

Well, I got an email this morning saying that the bonfire was cancelled and instead they are going to do an inside music session – which means the band has to be there.

I’ve just written our band leader to let him know that I do not want to stay on Saturday night. I’m working on a freelance project for my old company and tomorrow night was about my only opportunity to do edits since Sunday afternoon/evening is already scheduled with something else.

Update at 11:24 a.m.: Christopher told me it was not a problem to not play keyboards on Saturday night. I’m very relieved about that.

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