Christmas Shopping is Hard This Year

Last year the Christmas shopping I had to do was easy – I knew exactly what I wanted to get for people, and I was done relatively quickly once I started the actual shopping (I only shop online – I never go to malls).

This year is much different. This year so far I’ve gotten Denis done, my sister done, and my co-worker Mare-Bear done. Oh, and one of my uncles is done. That’s it. I still have to shop for my mom, dad, grandfather & wife, two other uncles, grandmother, plus all of Denis’ family.

And forget about Ace and Anthony – we were going to buy them tray tables and what did Ace tell me the other night, “We bought these fabulous tray tables!” ARG! Doesn’t he know that from Halloween onward you are NOT supposed to buy ANYthing for yourself?

Anyway, We have really dropped the ball this year – last year this time we were practically DONE. I’m beginning to panic.

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  1. I’m not in a panic, but I tell you this, I don’t feel like shopping for anyone right now. Maybe that will change soon. I don’t even feel like shopping for you, sweetie. No one. I’m not in the mood. I think I’ll give everyone gift certificates for Amazon this year. Just kidding. Maybe I’ll think of something interesting to get you.

    As for my mom and brother, they’re easy — lottery tickets! *lol*

  2. Well, D, I’ve told you countless times that I want the Beauty and the BEast DVD and the LOTR new edition DVD – they are both on my Amazon wish list. That’s an easy one. But you are right – your mom and brother are generally easy to shop for. =) It’s the Batts and boys I’m worried about…

  3. I know, everything is on your wish list. I’m sure Ace or your family will get you most of that stuff, plus I usually try to be original and surprise you. Isn’t that true?

    My sister gave me tips on what to get the boys. As for them, I’m sure we can find a household gift to get them, although I think I know what I want to get Russell.

  4. I find it a little amusing that you two are having this conversation online…although it’s completely in keeping with your relationship when you think of your history. 😉

  5. Yes, it is weird, but if not here it would be in an e-mail. Most of our conversations take place over e-mail anyway. That’s why I bought a router and want to connect both our computers to the Net. Then we’d never have to have an actual conversation again. Even when we’re home. *lol*

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