Christmas is Coming!

Is it weird that I would love to haul out my Christmas decorations and
decorate my house now? Because that’s TOTALLY what I feel like doing.
It has turned so nice and cool here that it absolutely puts me in the
Christmas spirit. Part of it also has to do with the fact that our
White Elephant party is in 4 1/2 weeks. Finally! We have around 30
confirmed attendees thus far, including a couple people that we didn’t
think would be able to make it this year.

We’ve been testing recipes the past couple of months (man is the food
going to be spectacular this year). And our Christmas cookie blitz
will be starting soon. I think Denis is hitting up Costco today to
stock up on baking supplies. We usually give away a tin of cookies to
folks who attend our party, and with 4 weeks left we need to amp up
the prep work and get serious about baking some goodies.

The other thing that has gotten me in the holiday spirit is that most
of my shopping is already done. I received a modest bonus from my
company in November and with that the Christmas shopping began. I got
90% of the shopping done in one weekend (God bless Internet shopping).
I still have a few people to shop for, but knowing the bulk of it is
done is quite satisfying.

Lastly, just the other day I remembered the house tour we took last
year at Christmastime in Rock Hill. There’s a neighborhood down there
that has a contest every year, and last year we went to participate.
It’s a small neighborhood of about 100-150 homes (which is small for
this area of 400-500 home subdivisions) and they create a route
through the neighborhood and pass out a ballot at the entrance. On
the ballot you write your top, second and third choices for best
decorations. They had some AMAZING displays last year – it was simply
outstanding. When we were done (the entire route is about 30-45
minutes while driving 2 mph) we all knew this event would become an
annual tradition for us to visit. Forget going to McAdenville (which
is a nearby NC town famous for it’s annual holiday decorations) –
we’ll be in Rock Hill, thankyouverymuch!

So yes, I’m sorely tempted to haul out our decorations and get
cracking. But I’ll resist as long as possible. And just so you know,
I’m also praying for a super-huge snowstorm in our area this year.
Just one, and not until the third week of December (the day of
Christmas Eve would be PERFECT!). I’d like a good 8-12″ of snow on
the ground, with the height of blizzard conditions occuring around 5
a.m. on Friday morning so I can play hooky from work and spend the
three-day weekend enjoying the cocoon of my house for Christmas. Is
that too much to ask? I don’t think so!

Happy holidays!

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  1. PLEASE wait ’til after Thanksgiving to put up your outdoor decorations. IMHO it denigrates a cherished holiday. As for snow, if a big storm is anticipated for us up here, send the kids up so they can get snowed in with us!

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