Chore List Update

Denis approved my second pass at a chore list. Each day one of us has a task to do, and as CootieGirl gets older she’ll be added to the list to help with some of the smaller chores.

Saturday’s task for me was to de-poop the backyard, but since Sunday’s chore was laundry and I was actually doing laundry on Saturday before I even made the list we switched the de-pooping to Sunday.

Denis’ task yesterday was to mow the lawn. This is why my task was to de-poop the yard. I thought I got everything but when we went to set up the sprinkler after Denis mowed the lawn we still saw a couple – I can only think they were well covered by the long grass because I picked up a LOT of stuff back there. Gross.

One of the things I’m definitely going to set up in any house we build is a dog run. It’ll a LARGE caged area that is directly connected to a doggie door in the mudroom. The doggie door will be electronic and will only work when Cooper is standing directly in front of it. Then he can go out and come in at his leisure. AND, the poop will be only in that dog run area so that our kids can play in the yard. And since it will be a cage instead of just a fence, if the kitties make it out that door they won’t be able to truly escape since they can’t get out either.

Yes, I’m posting this at 7:06 a.m. The kids woke up early this morning. And it’s rainy and thundering here. Deep rumbling thunder that promises heavy rain. So all the sprinkling of the newly mowed lawn? A complete waste of water. Sheesh.

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  1. These are just the chores Jaynee put on the list. That doesn’t include things like cooking, cleaning the dishes, feeding the kids, changing them, putting them to bed, cleaning up the kids toys, daily cleaning of the kitchen, feeding the kitties, filling the water dishes, watering the lawn (when necessary), food shopping… I think you get the idea, Marmie.

  2. I should clarify and say that this chore list involves BIG chores (mowing lawn, cleaning kitchen top to bottom, vacuuming, cleaning bathrooms, decluttering surfaces, cleaning kitty litter, etc.). It doesn’t include any of the things that are considered daily chores.

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