Chipmunks and RedBox Codes and Stuff, Oh My!

Here’s today’s free RedBox code – expires tonight at midnight so if you want to get a movie, you have to do it today. The code is 92M3V8. Happy renting!

For the past three weeks the kids (and Denis) have wanted to see “Alvin and the Chipmunks” so on Saturday I picked it up cheap at Wal-Mart (it hasn’t been available at RedBox). They have already watched it a couple times and seem to love it. So it was money well-spent.

Worked my OT yesterday after church – just over 2 hours worth. I now have 7.25 hours saved to turn in next week. Have had a quiet morning so far – which is nice. Mr. BIL doesn’t have any appointments today so I’m hoping we can get a lot of stuff out.

I’m looking forward to this Thursday – it’s a day off for me AND I’m taking CootieBoy to see “Wicked” that afternoon. He has no idea, but I know he’ll like it. And the week after that we’re going to see “Schoolhouse Rock” as a family. I know the kids will love that too.

I can’t believe that we are under 50 days until Disney. That’s AWESOME. It seems forever ago that we started planning this trip. I won’t go into details on the spending money issue (as I said in a prior post, that money is now going towards the installation of a new water heater in our house), but I’m sure it’ll be okay in the long run. Between OT and my PPP money, we’ll have SOME cash. Just not as much as I thought we’d have.

Last night at Life Group I took care of the older kids (by older I mean between the ages of 3 and 6). We turned on High School Musical 2 and proceeded to rock the house. They were great and a lot of fun, and I definitely got a workout from all the running around and playing we did. The dinner was great – Denis made orange chicken and it was HEAVENLY. I meant to bring some to work today for lunch and totally forgot. So I’ll just have it tonight for dinner. Yes – I’m having LEFTOVERS! It was THAT good, people!

So I only realized last night that after Lent I completely dropped the ball on my 30-day commitments. I was supposed to be vacuuming these past two weeks and did NOT do that. I did do our kitchen and TV room last night though. But basically I totally failed that commitment.

As for my diet, I admit to become complacent. I did not lose ANY weight this past week, and it’s entirely my fault. When I got to 21 pounds gone and only had 9 left, I got cocky and stopped being really diligent about my calories. BIG mistake. So I’m changing my goal. If I continue to think I “only” need to lose 9 pounds, I fear my motivation will leave entirely. So my new goal is to lose 20 pounds by my birthday on June 20. THAT’S a much tougher goal and will force me to get my head in the game again.

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