Chip and Reichen Win!

Okay, so Chip and Reichen won The Amazing Race 4 last night, and the Gay World applauds. But how can they applaud a team who, upon winning, spout off such inanities as this:

“This shows that gay people can do anything.”

Gee, I didn’t realize that most people thought gay people were idiots who couldn’t do normal human functions.

When whoever-it-was made this profound statement, I turned to Anthony (who is gay) and asked, “Really – you guys can brush your teeth, too?”

Then Ace started complaining that everyone is gay now and that it’s too commonplace. I couldn’t tell if he was excited or ticked off. Excited to be more accepted, and yet ticked off for being more accepted (he loves to think he’s a non-confirmist or ahead of the trends, doncha Ace?)

In any case, bravo to Chip and Reichen for a well-played game.

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  1. I’m so glad you posted that. I was going to, but thought I’d give you the chance first. =)

    So Kirby called when it was over and shouted, “Yay for the gay boys!” Cracked me up…cracked me up that he even watched it, really.

  2. I agree who care who you sleep with? You won, fine but not because you are gay…because you won..HELLO??????? I am just happy that the #2 team did not win because she was SO annoying!!! But I really did not care who on the race was gay and who wasn’t!

  3. totally with you on this one: gays can do anything, including:
    – being total asses with korean taxi drivers who don’t speak english (hello, not the entire planet speaks english!!!!),
    – propagating the “ugly american tourist” sterotypes and
    – treat their partners like doormats (chip runs over reichen’s foot and barely apologizes)
    yeah for gays everywhere!!!!
    Give me the queer eye Fab 5 anyday over these two numbnuts anyday!

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