Chilly? No, It’s Downright Icey, Now.

A little over six months ago we adopted Chilly the Dog into our family. As I said in another post, he is pretty much the most awesome dog ever and he has been a joy. Such a joy, in fact, that I was able to talk Denis into considering the addition of a second canine into the Cootie Clan.

We spent a few months just looking – trying to figure out the next dog we’d get. Small lap dog? I said yes, Denis said no. Crazy huge dog? Denis said yes, I said absolutely not (he wanted a St. Bernard at some point). We continued hunting online, until a little over a month ago I saw a dog online called ‘Ice.’ I thought, “That’s awesome because we already have Chilly. Chilly and Ice HAVE to go together, right?

I filled out an application with the rescue group (a different one than where we got Chilly) and once they contacted me for more details, I arranged for a home visit to take place after we got back from the beach. That took place earlier in the week. After they checked into our background (including contacting our vet), they decided we were good people and said we could meet Ice at a pet store adoption event this weekend.

Yesterday we loaded up into the van and drove up to Huntersville to meet Ice. He was bigger than anticipated – the same size as Chilly. He was also all muscle (Chilly is all fluff). But his eyes were gorgeous, and he seemed very relaxed and even a bit timid. The woman who was monitoring him kept talking to me like I’ve never been around dogs, and I had to assure her that I grew up with dogs in my parents’ house, and have owned two already. I’m no stranger to dogs.

During the time we were there the kids ran off to look at kittens and ferrets and hamsters, oh my. Denis, who is now in PT for his knee, took advantage of the store layout to walk a few laps. We took Chilly with us and he and Ice pretty much ignored each other – which was good enough for me! Better they ignore each other than fight, right? After a while I decided that Ice was a good dog, if a little timid, and worth taking a chance. And so I filled out the final applications, bought him a nametag, and made my donation to the rescue group.

Then began the ride home to our house. Despite being in the van, the dogs both decided that being near the front was the best place to be. So Chilly sat in the second row and peered over Denis’s shoulder most of the rid home, while Ice (now Icey) stood at CootieGirl’s feet almost the whole time, but also sad in the middle, with his head near Denis’s and my elbows.

Icey has been in our house for a little over 24 hours, and here’s what I’ve discovered:

  • He really IS a lapdog. They warned me that he loves being petted, and they weren’t kidding. Once I start he will NOT let me start, to the extreme of putting his entire 40 pound body across my lap and using his paw to force my hand to his vicinity.
  • He’s scared about going upstairs. Despite 2-3 attempts to get him upstairs to explore, each time he has literally run for the stairs to go back down as soon as he could. I don’t know why he’s so scared to be up there, but I’m hoping he gets over that fear once he realizes that we go up there every night. This morning I found him laying on the sofa. He came up ONCE last night and peeked in our room but when I said his name to let him know I saw him, he turned and bolted back downstairs.
  • He hates getting baths. I gave both dogs a bath this morning and he was petrified to get in the big tub. He is so strong it took all of me to keep him in there. The only way I was able to get him to stay was to constantly pet him below his ear with one hand while washing and rinsing with the other.
  • He’s probably not a Husky/Corgi mix like the rescue group said. Today when I ran to the local petstore to pick up a new color for Icey, and someone there made a comment that they thought he was a Catahoula/Corgi mix. I went online and after doing some research, I’m inclined to agree with that assessment.
  • He’s a shedder. Our housekeeper comes tomorrow for our bi-monthly cleaning and I feel like I should leave her a note to apologize. Today at the store I bought a bristle brush and will most likely get the anti-shedding shampoo and bathe him once a week. Because for a dog that doesn’t have a lot of hair, he sheds a lot of it.
  • He is scared of Mini the Cat. He will actually cower when she is nearby – head down, tail tucked. I don’t know why. She’s only six pounds and not threatening at all. But boy howdy is she the alpha to his beta.
  • But he’s pretty darn cute. See?

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